Welcome to Barnes & Klatt,  P.C.

The staff of Barnes & Klatt are licensed clinical psychologists dedicated to providing professional and personal service to help people of all ages find real solutions to real problems.

Our staff believes that all individuals have the capacity to learn, change and grow. Recognizing the sensitivity of therapy, our staff values mutual trust and respect in the therapeutic relationship and strive to provide a supportive, safe, nurturing and comfortable atmosphere to help our patients cope with life’s challenges and in order to facilitate positive change.

Life stressors, transitions, loss, self-esteem and identity, trauma, interpersonal conflicts and medical illness are just a few factors that may cause imbalance and disruption in life. Therapy helps to identify and understand the psychological, emotional, physical, behavioral and situational aspects contributing to distress. Therapy, whether cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic or other types of therapy, helps to develop effective coping skills and strategies, increase self-awareness and mindfulness, improve problem solving and decision making skills and ultimately, restore balance.

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