ADHD Testing

ADHD Testing Process

We offer ADHD evaluations for clients between the ages of 6 and 17 years of age. A comprehensive evaluation for ADHD includes a clinical interview, record review, self-report forms, observer-report forms (parent, teacher), cognitive/IQ testing, continuous performance test, memory, attention and executive functioning, and psycho-social functioning tests.   A signed Release of Information form will be required for collateral contacts, including but not limited to teachers, other health care providers, or other organizations. 

Testing is completed over the course of three to four meetings.  The testing schedule will be determined by clinical necessity.  This will include an one hour client /parent interview, approximately four hours testing, one hour or more as needed record review/collateral contacts, report writing, and an one hour feedback session.  


Our billing coordinator will work with you to provide a good faith estimate of cost and your out-of-pocket expense based on your insurance policy coverage.   If you have a copay, you will be responsible for the copay at every session (intake, each testing session, and the feedback session).  If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you will be responsible for the entire contracted rate which will apply to your deductible.

Written reports and final feedback sessions will not be furnished until account balances are paid in full.   Due to the time commitment made by the clinician, a $300 fee will be collected for testing appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour notice or not kept/missed.  This fee is not covered by insurance and is your responsibility.  Additional services such as participating in school conferences for IEP or 504 plans meetings are not covered by insurance and will be self-pay fees bases on time and travel.

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