Barnes and Klatt, P.C. accepts insurance assignment and is in-network for several major insurance carriers. If you have a PPO and Barnes & Klatt is considered out-of-network, you can still utilize your insurance benefits, however, your out-of-pocket expenses will likely be greater

Barnes & Klatt, P.C. is in-network for the following major insurance plans:

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO of Illinois (site 124 Advocate)


and others, please call to verify participation

General Information Regarding Insurance

  • You may self-pay and not use your insurance benefits
  • Insurance will cover individual therapy but you will need to check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for family, couples and marital therapy
  • Insurance will only cover therapy when there is a diagnosable disorder and the therapy is used to treat problems associated with that diagnosis. This diagnosis will become part of your permanent healthcare insurance record
  • Insurance companies may not cover certain diagnoses
  • Please be aware that Barnes & Klatt, P.C. cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information shared among insurance companies and other agencies, i.e. social security, disability, life insurance
  • Insurance will not cover certain therapy services such as: charges for letter writing, treatment summaries, or report writing; charges for attending patient-related meetings, staffings, observations or consultations; charges for completing disability eligibility or legal requests. Fees for these services will be billed to you and can be discussed with your therapist as needed

Benefit Information

If you choose to utilize your insurance, we ask that you contact your carrier to verify your out-patient mental health benefits. Below are some questions to assist you when calling your insurance carrier.

  1. Is Barnes & Klatt in-network or out-of-network?
  2. What is my copayment or coinsurance?
  3. Do I have a deductible? How much and what is met? When does it start?
  4. Do I need to obtain an authorization? (required for all HMOs and some PPOs)
  5. Does my plan cover individual/family/marital/couples therapy?

We will gladly assist you with any insurance or billing questions.  Contact our billing coordinator, Kim Montag at 847-981-9200, ext. 228 or email

Information For Divorced Families

Under Illinois law, when joint custody is in effect, either parent (or legal guardian) may consent to treatment for his or her child. In order to comply with Illinois state laws, a copy of the court order stating custody is required to initiate treatment. The parent requesting and consenting to treatment is responsible for all payments due no matter which parent holds the medical insurance.

If a child is in sole legal custody of one parent then that parent may consent to treatment. However, under Illinois law both parents are entitled to information regarding a child’s medical records unless the child is a protected person under an order of protection. Thus, unless there is an order of protection, we will notify both parents regarding the child’s treatment.

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